Complete file collection from the OS/2 Shareware BBS

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File Name, Description, # files in ZIP, Zip file size: BBS and Fidonet programs 637 162394K Communication programs 361 131315K CD-ROM, SCSI, Comm, and Misc Device Drivers 887 214992K Editors and Browsers 546 219320K File and Directory Utilities 538 71849K Games 456 200437K Other programs and information 1154 722961K Archive Utilities 218 41619K Programming Tools 1731 1387838K Utility programs 1062 104120K ATM Font Files 310 39429K Bitmap files 615 142835K Text Files - General Info 1083 346184K Text Files - Message Archives 39 18333K Text Files - Announcements 982 10627K OS/2 Warp 3.0 Fixes and patches 216 241415K REXX programs 698 76891K Printer utilities 143 82312K Network Device Drivers and Information 213 27495K Printer Device Drivers and Information 124 75873K GNU Utilities and Applications 451 367426K Sound files 58 41229K DOS programs of interest to OS/2 users 325 249701K Icons, Icons, Icons 309 58271K OS/2 1.x Fixes and patches 13 26586K OS/2 2.x Fixes and patches 179 152277K OS/2 4.x Fixes and patches 219 399247K Other Fixes and patches from IBM 1011 1078882K Fixes and patches from other vendors 397 235683K Text Files - OS/2 Periodicals 568 170497K Video Device Drivers and Information 492 445773K OS/2 Movie (AVI) files 70 213942K Internet-related files (TCP/IP & Internet comm) 1231 676522K Text Files - OS/2 Tips & Techniques 1464 66444K Backup Programs 29 40965K Education and Entertainment 86 53028K Finance and Accounting Programs 60 52007K Graphics Viewers, Editors, and Utilities 243 176682K Information and Time Management Programs 243 159039K Java Programs and Information 143 276340K Multimedia Programs 378 170597K Other Application Programs 209 240534K Productivity Programs 177 390282K Science, Engineering & Mathematics Programs 181 211806K Security Programs 91 56033K System Tools 316 140396K WPS and PM Utilities 261 66820K